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Long Term Investment Opportunity The Company focuses on implementing capital investment projects around the world - focusing primarily on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their growth phase. With its extensive professional experience and financial expertise, Rarma Fund continuously supports the activities of its portfolio investment companies. We invest capital in exceptional founders and help them to compete on global scale by providing strategic, operational, and financial support. Our most important values are integrity, reliability and expertise: we represent these values in all our segments. We also believe in the goal of creating world-class buildings that will be the iconic homes of iconic companies. They are those participants of the market who are leaders in their field. Our mission is to back technology-driven companies and guide them to global markets by leveraging our complimentary entrepreneurial, corporate and investor experience. We invest in seed and growth stage ventures with highly innovative products and established growth potential. Rarma Fund is a people-centred business. Our most valuable resources are our expert employees. We consider honest attitude, ethical conduct, soaring creativity and creativity, and effective professional work to be the most important core values. We've built an investment community that spans six continents and includes thousands of businesses and investors, ranging from startups to global powerhouses
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Metaverse - is a new technological trend of 2022 The combination of blockchain technologies, virtual reality and the gaming component in the near future will create a completely new space for spending leisure time and running business in a new format. Metaworld expands the possibilities of human activity and takes business and everyday activities to a whole new level.
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